Guild of the Drunken Monkey Brewery

Guild Ranks

Effective: Sun, Jan 29th, 2006

The Drunken Monkey Brewery is a guild dedicated to the trade and commercial transactions of materials otherwise frowned upon or not fully endorsed by most organized governments. To that end, a certain ammount of structure has been created to bring organization to our little endevours.

Inn keeper

The certified leader and end all to the guild.

  • Horde: Pazo (alt: Leza, Taurog)
  • Alliance: Zooti (alt: Pazo, Taurog)


Senior officers of the guild, these individuals are in charge of guild relations, guild law, etc. Pintlords are the individuals who are responsible for guild policies and standards and deligation of authority to other members.

  • Horde: Hukari and Matok
  • Alliance: Position Available


This is the effective Officer of the guild. Those that hold this position are in charge of promoting and demoting individuals provided they meet the requirements set forth for the position. Additionally Brewmasters may be assigned to assist with organizing instance runs, organizing guild materials, storing materials for guild use, etc. Additionally each Brewmaster may be assigned specific tasks by the Pintlords that would be their "area of expertise."

  • Horde: Singinghorn (Orientation), Jagger (Guild Bank)
  • Alliance: Pending Update

Rum Runner

These are the guild event planners. Be it in game, out of game, their activities both bolster the guild's numbers and keep events such as guild meetings, raids, and various other events (i.e.: Zooti Runs, Barrensfest) going. Some may even be assigned to assist with promoting guild affairs via various forums throughout the internet.

  • Horde: Rukra (Raid Coordinator)
  • Alliance: Pending Update


Beyond the basic membership of the guild there are those players who are "dedicated" to the guild in such a fashion that deserves merit. These individuals assist with such things as providing guild resources, assisting lower level characters through instances, contributing to the forums or Role Playing events, etc.


Welcome to the guild member. This is the basic member rank one can acquire upon completion of the below criteria. Becoming a Hustler moves you beyond the horid title of Cage Dancer and earns you your very own Guild tabbard compliments of the DMB.

  • Horde Promotion: One must consume a flaggon of [Trogg Ale] in front of a brewmaster.
  • Alliance Promotion: One must consume a [Keg of Thunderbrew Lager] in front of a brewmaster.

Cage Dancer

Everyone has to have a place they start out at. For members of the guild, everyone must do their time dancing in the cage for reputation. To even be considered for admission to the guild, one must approach the members of the Drunken Monkey Brewery in such a fashion in which we are impressed by the request. The more creative...the better.